by J.J. Frey

Based on the experience of J.J. Frey

Crime-Drama | True Story

Logline: A desperate lone wolf battles to bring down a corrupt and treacherous Big Pharma CEO, after his daughter’s brain is fried by their illegally marketed psychiatric drug.

Bio: J.J. Frey, PhD is an aspiring screenwriter of stories inspired by actual events and the writer’s broad experiences as a PhD scientist / executive in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industry, e.g., Corporate Vice President of Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs. Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device Industry Experience: Big-Pharma: Pfizer, Bristol-Myers International, Johnson & Johnson, and Ciba-Geigy Pharma (now Novartis). Small biotech and medical device start-ups. R&D developing medicines and medical devices from pre-clinical and clinical development, through attaining marketing approval, and supporting sales successes. R&D strategy, US FDA and International regulatory affairs, clinical research, scientific affairs, biostatistics, and research information systems.

Key contributions: Attained US FDA or international marketing authorization for 11 drugs + 7 medical devices. Leader/ team-contributor in Biotech/ Pharma/ Biologic/ Device development programs for a range of therapeutic areas: analgesic, anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, dermatologic, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, metabolic, nutritional, oncologic, ophthalmologic, pharmacogenomics, psychotropic/CNS, pulmonary, tissue growth stimulation, tissue engineered replacement and regenerative medicine, vision care, women’s-health (OB/GYN). Education: Graduate degrees (highest distinction) in Population Genetics/ minor in Biostatistics: PhD: Purdue University (National Institutes of Health fellow), and MS: Oklahoma State University (NDEA fellow). BS: (high distinction), Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University.

To Pay for College, Work Included: Cattle ranch/ farm, lumber mill, construction as laborer to heavy equipment operator, livestock shows, welder, truck driver, door-to-door sales, dish washer, waiter, livestock judge, undergrad teaching assistant, graduate teaching assistant, research laboratory assistant.

Writer Statement: What if your daughter became the victim of an illegally marketed prescription drug? You’d need to understand how the pharmaceutical execs made this happen, and fight to hold the bastards accountable. You’d fight to restore your daughter to health. This is a form of ensemble drama that depicts a POV for both inside Big pharma and for the hero. We look inside a colossal pharmaceutical fraud, grandmas killed, kids disabled; a lone wolf battles to bring down the CEO mastermind, and restore his daughter’s health (brain fried by the illegally marketed psychiatric drug). Our hero must overcome losing job, wife, home, and dodge mob hits.

Contact: jjjfreyphd@gmail.com