by Slavica Bogdanov

Military Thriller | True

Logline: Treated as a deserter, a Canadian graduate student is thrown into a French military prison to serve a year sentence without trial. Surrounded by dangerous criminals, his only chance of survival lies in the hands of his determined mother. A cross between “Midnight Express” and “Full Metal Jacket”.

Bio: Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris and completing a Masters Degree in Arts in Canada, she comes from a humble European family of entrepreneurs who believe hard working is the way to success. Recognized by the US government as a “person with extra-ordinary abilities”, She had succeeded in what most have called ‘impossible” tasks and goals. Interviewed on many TV, radio and newspaper nationally and internationally, she was also invited to speak to the leaders of Party opposition in a private session in the Canadian Parliament to hear her opinion on International politics. Those who have come to know Slavica’s incredible life story, often say that she has lived many lives in one. Slavica inspires, motivates and empowers those around her. Her message of “anything is possible” is shared via her life own experiences and the thousands of people’s lives she has changed as a consultant, best-selling author and speaker. She is also a painter. Her art was exposed in Montreal, Belgrade, New York and Miami.

Canadian author and screenwriter: A professional writer and trendsetter. 8 awards for Best original Screenplay. 3 international best sellers.

  • “Angels vs Demons” saga. Bigger than Harry Potter.. An Epic fantasy franchise property combining faith base subject with FX in an action-packed feature in which armored armies of warrior angles fight against demons. Can have a wide variety of vertical products (feature film, TV series, apps, Gaming, books, theme in a studio park, toys…) 6 awards for best original screenplay. In the gap between “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings”. NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER BEEN DONE.
  • “How Bed Bugs saved my life”. 2 awards. A drama about US immigration.
  • “My mom the sociopath”. TV series: Dark mystery. Sandra must prove her famous wealthy mother is a serial killer before becoming her next victim.