by Paul Mahoney

Family | Comedy


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Logline: Oz, a smart-ass mimicking lyrebird, is sent as an expensive gift to the Non-Esse Zoo. He and his kidnapped ‘reject’ animal friends have to find their way through the woods and back to their new Zoo and safety.


  • 2017 Writer/Director/Producer of The Australian Patient –  Spotlight Award (Indie Film Festival Dublin/Ireland), selected for the UK Monthly Film Festival
  • 2016 Story Pros International Screenwriters Award Semi-Finalist for the feature Comedy Horror – Holiday from Hell
  • 2016 We Screenplay Diverse Voices Semi-Finalist for the Family Short – Egbert
  • Winner of the 2016 Euroscript Screenwriting Competition in London for the Romantic Comedy – Elvis Town. (Soon to be a motion picture)
  • Finalist of the 2014 Euroscript Screenwriting Competition in London for the Coming of Age Comedy – I Can Turn Men. (Option offer received)
  • Top 100 – for the 2016 Emerging Screenwriters Award (over 1,400 entries) for the Comedy Horror Script – Holiday from Hell
  • Attended the 2016 London Screenwriters Conference & also 2016 Australian Screenwriters Conference.

Writer Statement: I like to write scripts that make people, laugh, cry and most importantly think.