by Tony Bryan and Maureen Ann Bryan

Based on the life of Daisy de Melker

Crime Drama | True Story

Logline: Daisy Hancorn Smith a trainee nurse in Johannesburg at the end of the Boar War, marries newly arrived English tradesman. Daisy ends up on the gallows on New Year’s Eve 1932. Did social climber Daisy murder her entire family?

Writers’ Bios: Tony Bryan is an English-born novelist, musician and theatre producer, yearning to see his work on the big screen. Tony’s wife is the great niece of Daisy’s first victim.

Writers Statement: The story of Daisy de Melker is based on real people, Daisy’s first victim was Alfie Cowle, Maureen Ann Bryan’s great uncle. A film series of ‘Daisy de Melker’ was produced in South Africa in the 1990’s. The writers have not seen the series, but based their story on research of family history.